A well developed Human Resources program is critical in today's business environment. The investment will payback ten fold in the form of reduced settlements and/or judgments, should you have the misfortune of being involved in an employment dispute.  Axient Group can help with the following Human Resource issues:

Employee File Maintenance/Review
Employee Handbooks
Compensation Review / Head Count Assessment.
Harassment / Misconduct Investigations
Employment Contracts / Separation Agreements
Human Resources Information System Selection and Implementation.
Recruiting / Placement Services

Every business owner understands that cash flow is critical to the success of their business. However, understanding the way a business makes money and generates cash is a different issue, especially for small business. Axient Group provides ongoing financial analysis and support services or can be engaged on a project basis to help with the following:

Develop / Refine Financial Management Reporting
Strategic Planning / Business Plans
Budgeting / Forecasts / Modeling
Cash Flow Analysis and Projection
Expense Analysis / Control / Vendor Selection
Capital Requirement Forecasts
Debt Restructuring / Recapitalizations
Mergers & Acquisition and Associated Due Diligence
Exit Strategies / Succession Planning

During the late 1990's and early this century  we saw the Internet become a critical business tool. Today, the technology revolution is far from over. Emerging technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP) will radically change the telecommunication industry as we know it. Axient Group takes great pride as a leader in advising clients on strategic technology issues and offers the following services:

Systems Analysis and Design
Project Management
IT Outsourcing Issues (Intellectual Property / Deliverables / Service Level Agreements)
Development / Refinement of Operational Management Reporting
Application Service Provider (ASP) Assessments
IT Legal Compliance Issues (such as HIPPA)
Telecommunications Infrastructure

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